More Room, More Furniture

The Kush’s construct a new, bigger building for 7 Day Furniture

Rod and Kathleen Kush own 7 Day Furniture in Lincoln and Omaha. Rod has worked in the business since 1987 and now has the help of his two sons, Troy and Randy. This loan goes to a new building in north Lincoln to replace the current location. Moving to north Lincoln will give the store more business in an underserved area of Lincoln. With the land purchased in 2018, Rod plans to be moved into the new building and up and running by the beginning of next year.

Additionally, the new location has more room that will give the business a bigger showroom, more inventory storage and an efficient layout to speed up loading and delivery. Having more inventory storage is an important aspect for this new building because customers want their product in stock and the ability to take it home that day or they may go to a competitor.

The main goal of the 504 Loan Program is to ensure that economic development in the community is encouraged, which allows for small businesses to not only maintain jobs but create new ones as well. By owning their own building, the business will have the security needed to continue operations, the business is able to retain all 50 current employees as well as adding 5 new employees in the future.

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