Building a state of the art car wash in Fremont, Nebraska

Tommy’s Express Car Wash is almost here to keep your cars clean! From the advanced Tommy Car Wash system, David and Julie Shaner bring you a brand new Tommy’s Express Car Wash franchise with the help of NEDCO and the SBA 504 Loan Program. This fully automated, high-tech, state of the art car wash will be cleaning cars faster than ever.

With only one other automated car wash in town, Tommy’s Express Car Wash sees this as an opportunity to capitalize on an underserved market. The car wash is being built on a main road so if your car needs a quick wash on your way to or from work, this will be an easy stop. The car wash will be open 7 days a week, from early in the morning until late in the evening. Curiosity has been piqued in the community because of its unique and unusual design. Not to mention its advanced features like a dual-belt conveyor, which allows for 200 cars to be washed per hour.

NEDCO likes to make sure its car is clean as well as others in the community. Utilizing this loan program was essential in the completion of the building construction as well as the purchase of the equipment to get the business up and running. Just a 10 percent down payment is required for the loan, which is not typical of loans available in the Nebraska market or of loans that you would get from a bank. Also, the fixed-interest rate ensures that you won’t have any unexpected rate increases in the future. Thanks to the help from the SBA 504 Loan Program and NEDCO, Tommy’s Express Car Wash was made possible.

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