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We Help Small Business Thrive in Nebraska

We can get you the small business loans you need to help your business to reach its full potential. With NEDCO’s SBA 504 Loan Program, you can get what you need to really grow.

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Are you a small-business owner looking to expand your workspace or buy equipment to get the job done?

Our goal is to help you grow and reach your full potential. We provide small business loans that in turn help your company create more jobs for its community, build new infrastructures and repair existing establishments. Find out how we can assist the growth and success of your business. Call our Chief Credit Officer, Jason Culver, today!

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Listen in bi-weekly as Scott, Jason, and Will answer your commonly asked questions and discuss why 504 loans are the way to go when starting or growing your small business. We’ll also cover some of the modern problems facing small businesses today.

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SBA Loans Help Tommy’s Car Wash Clean Up Grand Island’s Cars

Grand Island has recently celebrated the opening of the newest Tommy’s Express Car Wash franchise location. Sensing a unique opportunity, owners Dustin Avey, Benjamin Conover, and Matthew Preister looked to capitalize. Armed with a good idea and backing from NEDCO and the SBA 504 Loan Program

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