NEDCO 504 Show Podcast

The Coleman Report – Critical Information for Today’s Small Business Lender

February 1, 2021

In this episode we are joined by Bob Coleman, founder and editor of The Coleman Report. Bob is a national expert on small businesses, banks, and everything in between, and his newsletter, The Coleman Report, provides critical analytical information for today’s small business lending professional. 100 of the top 100 SBA lenders in the United States use the Coleman Report data and technical reports. We are so honored that Bob called into the studio to share his insights on how to navigate the small business world. From how to hold people accountable in the financial world, how businesses will change because of COVID, and the keys to Bob’s famed Coleman Report, he was a truly wealth of knowledge. We loved having Bob on the show, and we’re hoping that his visit gives us an edge in being selected for more Coleman Report awards in the future.

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