NEDCO + Anytime Laundry, Static Cling Never Turned Out So Good!

Peter Mayberry opens a third, 24-hour laundromat in Omaha

Anytime Laundry was able to open its third and largest location thanks to NEDCO’s help! This location is located near three busy streets and a major bus stop, which makes it faster and easier to get your washing done.The space can hold up to 46 washers and 26 dryers so there should be little waiting time for someone else to finish their wash.

Since partnering with NEDCO, Peter Mayberry was able to acquire another 24-hour laundromat that has created five full-time positions and provided another option for laundry (the next laundromat is several miles away). All three locations of Anytime Laundry are in areas of high concentration of renters and low-income households ensuring that everyone has easy access to a laundry facility. No matter what time you work and are able to do laundry, Anytime Laundry will be open.

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