Omaha Montessori school looks to add to its building, again

Montessori Children’s Room is looking to grow its building for the second time to meet enrollment demands from its community. Mary Boden Anderson is the owner, Head of School and has been involved in Montessori education for over 30 years. Mary previously used the SBA 504 Loan Program twice before, so is quite experienced with the terms and the help that NEDCO can provide to get this project done.

The school serves ages from 2.5-12 years of age with three primary programs; primary (preschool), lower and upper elementary as well as French. Montessori education is a scientific method of education that emphasizes that children learn best when allowed to discover concepts on their own. Since being approved for the small business loan, more kids will be able to attend the school soon.

With a low down payment required for this loan, Mary knew that she needed to use the SBA 504 loan program again. She is well informed with the terms of this loan and that it is quite uncommon in the Nebraska market so she knew that this loan was for her. Not to mention the added bonus of fixed interest rates, which allow her to plan future payments without any surprises.

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