Hi everyone, we’re bringing you more good news! The final numbers are in for 2018-2019 and our team is no. 1 in Region 7. So, how do we do so well and continue to get so many loans approved? Let us tell you!

We’ve been successfully in this business for a long time with high loan volume helping hundreds of businesses reach their goals. It’s safe to say we know the ins and outs of getting to the finish line with a loan. SBA 504 loan applications can take a year or more to get approved, which is not ideal for any growing business. At NEDCO, we take loans from application to implementation in the most efficient way possible so businesses can get to work.

With our knowledge and success combined with historically low rates, this is the best time to apply for an SBA 504 loan. To top it off, this loan has a low fixed interest rate. Could it be any better?

Be a part of our good news, call today to see how NEDCO can help you secure a low interest 504 loan!