Dr. Klemke uses SBA 504 Loan Program to expand growing business, allowing for more clients and more appointments

Nebraska Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO) is proud to share the success and expansion of ViewPointe Vision with the help of its SBA 504 Loan. Since 2005, ViewPointe Vision has been the go-to place in West Omaha for optometry. Dr. Klemke started his optometry practice in West Omaha after being an associate doctor in Kansas City, Denver and Omaha. ViewPointe Vision is generating so much business that it needs another location that’s when Dr. Klemke reached out to NEDCO, applied and received the SBA 504 Loan to achieve his vision of a second location.

“Vision and eye health is important. To have a locally-owned business doing so well that it needs a second, bigger location is incredible for Omaha and the community. This means there’s more jobs for technicians and more appointment opportunities for new and old clients,” said NEDCO President Scott Sailors.

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Visit www.viewpointevision.com/ for more information.